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How To Soak Dried Abalone?


  1. Wash the dried abalone with clean water, then soak in clean water overnight.

  2. Change to clean water, boil the abalone for 5 minutes. Turn off the gas and close the bowl with cover. Soak overnight (no need change water).

  3. Clean the abalone the next morning, brush mildly to clean the abalone

  4. Change to clean water and boil 5 minutes again. Turn off the gas and close with cover and soak overnight (no need change water).

    (Repeat step 4 if the abalone is not soft enough)

  5. Soak abalone in chiller, it will be ready the next day.

  6. Soaked abalone need to be kept in fridge for storage.


Note: Never have any contact with oil, rice or water. This will damage the abalone.